Getting Involved is really about getting Connected!  Our hope is that once we get to know you, we will be able to help you hear about how God made you and wired you!  We can help you learn things about yourself that you didn't know before...  You probably saw evidence of things in your life, but didn't know what they meant.  God put that in you!  We can help you figure out what that means!

Ask us about the personality and spiritual gifts profile... 

Once you do this it will help you understand the unique and wonderful way God made you!

We also suggest that you plug into a life group and a serving ministry.  You will meet people and learn things about yourself!

We look at our spiritual life like a nutrition plan, that has several components:
We gather on Sunday morning
for fellowship and corporate worship.

We pray in our Life Groups
and together on Sundays at 9:00 AM.

Serving takes on various forms, both
within the church family and in the community.

Life change happens best in Life Groups.  
This is where spiritual maturity really takes off!

We each need each of these!