"Who Are We?"   ...It's simple:

We are Christ-Followers in pursuit of growing deeper in our walk with Christ.  We desire to share the hope we have found in Christ with others, so that their lives can be changed as well.


We are associated with a group of churches called The Christian and Missionary Alliance.  It is our purpose to push back the darkness of sin and isolation by introducing people to a relationship with Jesus Christ.


We do that through the development of spiritual disciplines and intentional living. 

It is not easy to follow Christ.  Salvation is a free gift that is made available to everyone. 

All who choose to confess their sins to Jesus as their Forgiver, and call on the name of Christ as their Healer, are made new in the power of Christ. 

The rest of life is a process of growing and sharing hope with others!

This is who we are!

Please join us in this pursuit!

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